Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Programmer Anonymous notes, 111

"Marry Skype's software with the Xbox Kinect and an HD television set, and Microsoft can make a powerful argument for getting into millions of living rooms." Tim Webber commenting on Microsoft's acquisition of Skype.

A lattice on a tesseract with a dimension of 4x4x4x4 has 256 points. If each point is associate with a data value (1 bit), 256 bits are accomodated. Tesseracts have 24 cubic faces, in this case with a dimension of 4x4x4. If a parity bit is assigned to every 4-tuple  in the tesseract (12 cubes of parity bits, one cube for each pair of faces), there will be 6*4^3 = 768 parity bits. So 1024 bits can encode 256 data bits with the ability to detect and correct many transmission errors. How many? This is not as efficient as some Hamming codes, but its structure is beautiful.

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