Friday, January 11, 2013

Programmers Anonymous, current information

An informal weekly meeting to figure out how to program computers.

We use game programming as a source for interesting algorithms and applications. No experience necessary. Participant need driven, and the first person with a question has priority. Anyone at any age is welcome, unless we run out of space. Regular attendance not required, no cost.

The out-of-date Programmers Anonymous web page has some examples of things we've worked on. Recently we've been using Processing, learning about Python, and dinking with the Raspberry Pi. We've also tinkered with other programming languages (Java, C++, Matlab) and hardware (e.g. Kinect, Arduino). Veggieman is showing us how to use PHP to develop a social network and content curation web service.

Meetings are usually on Tuesdays at 6:00 pm, on the first floor, Rm. 102, of LISB on the University of Oregon Campus, in the Brain Development Lab. at Electrical Geodesics Inc., 1600 Millrace Drive. Convenient parking, right in front of the building (black circle on map below). About 1-1/2 hours, punctuality not required. Contact Mark Dow at or 541-954-6780 for more information. See below for directions to our meeting room. Send an e-mail to markdow30 [at] if you want to make sure we'll be there any particular Tuesday.

Directions: Turn off Franklin Blvd. onto Riverfront Parkway then first right onto Millrace Drive. Park in front of the first Building on the right. Call me (Mark) 541-954-6780 and we'll meet you at the front doors.