Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Google question relative frequency

Frances posted lists of odd things that people asked of Google.

I wondered how often people ask questions of Google. Of course Google has good statistics on this, plotted nicely with Google Trends.

There are some firm conclusions:
  • More questions are asked during the Western school year, with a sharp drop near Christmas.
  • In the last few years the frequency of asking Google has increased dramatically.
  • While "why is"  is historically less frequent than "how does", it currently is nearly identical in frequency. Why is that? Perhaps it is because of increased incidence of "why is my poop green".



  1. google is searched more times than all religions and religious figures

  2. But perhaps gods are asked more meta-questions than Google. They just aren't meta-searchable, like Google's are.

  3. or maybe people are just stupid and type "google" into the search bar in the top right of their browser.